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About Us

Installed Tamper Resistant Coin Mechanism

Glenview Coin Systems was acquired by WZ Tool Incorporated in late 2008.  We are the leading manufacturer of a Tamper Resistant Coin Mechanism.  We have manufactured the most widely used coin security collection system in the world.  Our product is available for all types of coin operated equipment.  It is effective in improving coin handling control, accountability, reducing losses due to collection shortages, and eliminates the transfer of loose coins.  Our product offers Security for Vending Coin Collection.

The system is comprised of an all-metal locking mechanism attached to a coin bag and an all-metal universal funnel assembly mounted in the coin-operated equipment.  The system can be secured with either locks or seals to prevent access to coins by unauthorized personnel and is made from tamper-evident components that provide visual evidence of forced entry.  We offer a variety of different bag shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of different funnel bracket configurations.  This product is 100% manufactured and assembled in the United States. 

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